Hi, I’m Johnny. I started Run DV with Lisa, Mark and Kizzy just under 2 years ago when a group of friends booked to run the Inaugural Disneyland Paris 1/2 Marathon. We started as a place to share training runs and plans and to generally talk and get excited about the weekend and it’s now grown to a group of over 300. We still try and keep the same friendly nature of the group and we aren’t fussed about being the biggest group in the world (or even the biggest group about running at DLP) we still want to be a group of friends who love Disney and love running (or run as a reason to go to Disney for a long weekend)

1. Number of marathons you have run? Just the one in London this year.
2. Where was your first race? A small 5K in Ashford, Kent about three years ago.
3. Favorite race course? Tough one, I can’t decide between the Disneyland Paris 5K and the London Marathon course…probably the 5K because as a Disney Geek there was so much stuff to see on every part of the course.
4. Most memorable race: The 2016 SVN Caucus Run…the first time I ever ran over 10 miles.
5. PRs? 5K – 32:27, 10K – 1:11:36 (now 1:02:35 after the DLP 10K 2017), HM – 2:55:32 (now 2:40:03 after the DLP 1/2 2017) M – 6:43:05
6. Ever run in a costume? Yes! With Mark in the 5K at DLP in 2016. We ran in tutu’s to raise money for charity.
7. The only running shoes for me? ASICS!
8. Ever injured? Touch wood other than shin splints when I started I’ve not been injured
9. Hot or cold weather runner? Cold…definitely cold.
10. Morning or evening runs? Evening, I hate early mornings.
11. What is your motivation? To get fitter, to inspire my kids and to be able to go to DLP for a long weekend every year with just Lisa!
12. Ever DNF? Thankfully no.
13. Race I’d like to forget? I’ve not really had one I want to forget but I don’t remember a few miles of the London Marathon if that counts?
14. Favorite post race food? Apparently anything with salt in it…especially crisps.
15. Galloway or Higdon? Galloway all the way. Love his methods and his way of enabling non-runners to run.
16. Flat course or hills? Flat for races but I love a good hilly trail route for training runs.
17. Back, Middle, or Front of the pack? Definitely back…or back of the middle at best.
18. Run alone or with a partner? Alone 😦
19. Ever win your age group? Hell no!
20. Ever finished last in a race? Not quite…came pretty close in a local 5K.
21. Best part of running? The finish line.
22. If I didn’t run I____Wouldn’t have met some wonderful, lifelong friends.
23. I can’t run without____Putting one foot infront of the other.
23. Ever lose a toenail? Nope
24. Gatorade or Cytomax? Wow…that’s an American question…Lucozade
25. Favorite gel flavor? Don’t like them, but the Lucozade Orange ones were okay at the VLM.
26. How many days after a race do you usually start running again? A 1/2 or full I give myself a couple of weeks off. Anything less and the training plan starts again right away
27. I run, therefore I____Have loads of t-shirts I’d never have bought but insist on wearing until Lisa forces me to wash them.
28. Pre-race routines? (night before or morning of) Just get my crud together and laid out for the race and then desperately try and get some sleep.
29. What is your typical night before the big race meal? Anything that’s not hugely fatty really. Don’t stick to one food
30. Would you run a marathon again? Yes…probably…but only a Run Disney one or the VLM if I got lucky and got in again.
31. What’s the farthest you’ve ever run at one time? 26.2 miles at the London Marathon. In a training run its 18.5.
32. Tucked or untucked? Untucked…have too much of a beer belly for tucked